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Date Posted: 09/19/2017

Subject: Equifax breach - Latest tips and information

1) Equifax is offering a credit monitoring service that is free of charge to those who were impacted by their breach. Please visit: for more information. If you have not been affected by the breach, you may still want to consider signing up for a credit monitoring service. Equifax, Experian, Transunion, Lifelock, AAA, credit card companies and others all offer the service. This may require some research to see what may be the least expensive or provides the level of service you prefer

2) Seriously consider placing fraud alerts with all 3 credit bureaus. Once you place an alert at one bureau, they are required to alert the other two organizations. Placing the alert on either Experian or Transunion should suffice:

a. Experian -

b. Transunion -

3) Check your credit report at This report doesn't give you your FICO score but it does list your open credit files and any public records. This will at least allow you to reconcile what you know should be reporting to determine if you have been victimized by ID theft.

4) Consider changing all of your current passwords, code words, pin numbers, etc.

5) When identifying yourself over the phone to a financial institution consider using questions that refer to a recent transaction on the account vs. personal identifiable information like maiden name, kids or pets name, phone number or address, etc. as these can all be gleaned from public records or social media sites.

6) Consider updating your contact information with us so that we may have the best means to reach you should we notice any suspicious activity on your accounts.

7) Please notify us if you see any suspicious activity on any of your financial institution accounts so we can be diligent about monitoring your accounts.

8) Did you know that we offer e-mail alerts for various transactions made on your accounts and for transactions made over a certain dollar amount? By participating in e-mail alerts, you will be notified of transactions clearing your accounts to determine if they are legitimate in real time instead of learning later on that you have been victimized. These alerts are created within Internet Banking. If you don't currently use Internet Banking and would like to use this service, please contact us and we will be happy to get you set up.

9) The FTC has provided more information regarding the Equifax breach that can be obtained by visiting:

Brandon Ivie, CCUE


Kern Federal Credit Union

Date Posted: 09/08/2017

Subject: Equifax Cybersecurity Incident and Important Consumer Information

Dear Members,

We are contacting you because we have learned of a serious cybersecurity incident that occurred at the credit-reporting company Equifax recently. On Wednesday, Equifax announced that hackers gained access to some of its systems, compromising the personal information of about 143 million U.S. consumers. They stated that between mid-May and July of this year, hackers were able to gain access to Equifax files that included names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses, credit card numbers, and some driver's license numbers.

Because this is a serious incident, we strongly encourage you to take preventive measures now to help detect and prevent any misuse of your information. For more information and to determine if your personal information may have been impacted by the Equifax data breach, please visit the sites below.

For more information about the Equifax breach:

To check for potential personal impact:

At this time we would also like to remind you to use caution when opening email and beware of phishing emails (email scams) from fake websites that tend to offer credit-card related themes, that present tempting offers.

If you have any questions or concerns about your credit report or financial wellbeing, we encourage you to visit Greenpath, a service that we provide, free of charge to our members at:


Brandon Ivie, CCUE


Kern Federal Credit Union